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COMPUTER NETWORKS ---- This is how E-Mail and other DATA are sent over the internet. We send materials from computer to computer over wire and wireless networks.
The Internet has produced a revolutionary new way for businesses to communicate and interact with customers and potential customers. Everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies are racing to make their mark in Cyberspace with their own "Home Pages" on the World Wide Web. We are here to help you achieve that goal.
STAY HOME AND WORK.---- Do you see this house? ----- You and this house are going to get better acquainted, if you do business with us. __ Because you will be doing business from home instead of having to put up with fighting commuter traffic to and from work each day. A well developed Web Site promotes a company's image and products, improves customer service, encourages new customer acquisition, and provides a vehicle for sales and information world wide. Your customers can get current information and place orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And you don't have to have a computer to achieve this phenomenon. We will set it up for you. Ball(2).gif (1653 bytes)
WE KEEP PAPERS ON YOU BABY.---- We keep a portfolio on you and your business progress.
We keep a portfolio for each client and track their progress and needs. Client's immediate business needs, visual presentation of their product and promotion on the web are our first concerns.
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       African Metropolis Web Site Search Engine There are two categories of search engines. World Wide Web search engines and web site search engines. We can provide our clients with a site search engine if their web site is big enough and if we find market wise that they need one.
OUR PROMOTIONAL SYSTEM: ----- Starts with letting the internet know that you are here.--- Web engines and web directories are contacted. Once you are on the web, we have an automated promotional system that places you with over 400 web engines around the world and monitors your progress. We tag your pages with promotional codes then process them. A progress report is then mailed out to you. Ball(2).gif (1653 bytes)


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