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Our services provide color layout for the web and black and white on paper.
We make the page layouts, do photo finishing, and design graphics. Non of this work leaves our studio for lab work else where. This saves the client time and money. It is possible to load pictures from a camera into the computer, scan text, finish a single page layout and load it to the web while engaged with our client on the phone.
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This is your project portfolio.
We keep a portfolio for each client and track their progress and needs. Client's immediate business needs, visual presentation of their product and promotion on the web are our first concerns.
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We print glossy color photographs.
When you need paper products for invitations and magazine; news paper advertisement we can provide you with printed copies. We process your color photo prints.


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We use a verity of still and animated images to attract public interest in your web site.
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This is a text menu in another web site: NORMA J's SIGNATURE COLLECTION
The public can navigate your  web site through the use of colorful text menus.
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VISUAL ARTS PHOTOGRAPHY: our products and services
Digital photography hardware is still too expensive, but on the low end of the digital camera scale we can take what ever commercial pictures you need and on the traditional, analogous, high end of photography we have all the fine art capabilities available.
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We scan text and color images.
We do color print and text scanning. We scan work to be completed by our company as well as for other agencies. If you need work done for other agencies other than our own, we will provide the scanning service for them.
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We do digital 35 MM color slide scanning.
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Your pages are linked together and some provided with music, depending on our clients needs.
Your pages will be filled with links to other pages, with-in your web site, and we can supply these pages with music, depending on your needs.
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We can provide paper publishers with color zipped copies of your work.
We can zip disk, or up load your materials for paper publishing, or for advertising through television media.


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Multi-Media Work Station
We have vast facilities storage systems. For us it is no problem for us to dump 50 or more CD's to a hard drive. It's piece of cake.


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These are some samples of our Guest Books
Each client receives a free guest book. We design it according to their needs.
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