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OUR SERVICES: products and contacts
We design web sites and service them. Providing the necessary changes, up dates and revisions; always keeping your information current. Each client's web site material is stored and backed up on our computer systems and storage devices before passing them on to web server host computers.
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OUR SYSTEM: and how it works
We link our clients with other businesses and work closely with various Metropolis organizations; designing projects that meet each particular client's needs. Your web site will allow you to sleep; time to do other things while it takes orders for you 24 hrs. a day 365 days out of the year.


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OUR PORTFOLIO: Actual work we have done
Each web site has its own unique design  and special identity. Each web site reflects the cultural values of its people and is assembled and maintained by its peers.


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WE SERVE THE WORLD Visual Arts and the World: The scope of our projects is much larger than a single web site. In order for your web site to receive attention we must design projects that challenge current market trends and set new  market trends of our own. Ball(2).gif (1653 bytes)


If you want to contact the WEB MASTER; please leave a message here
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