An etching is an erosion process. Parts of the copper not covered by a stop solution are eaten away by acid. In a line etching the plate is covered with a stop solution, the lines are scratched through to the plate surface, leaving the exposed metal subject to asid erosion. The print tends to have a soft focus appearance because the etched lines are ragged.

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Clark had a profound interest in heritage. His son Claude Lockhart would one day pursue the same interest at a very early age.

".... In the 1700s groups of brokers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New York City began to meet in parks and coffeehouses to buy and sell securities. In open auctions, traders called out names of companies and numbers of shares available. Shares went to the highest bidders. After the American Revolution (1775-1783) the number of securities traded increased dramatically. Brokers decided to organize in order to handle the growing volume. In 1800 the Philadelphia Board of Brokers drew up regulations and a constitution and set up central offices where trading could take place. The organization they created, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, is the oldest exchange in the United States. In 1817 brokers in New York formed the New York Stock and Exchange Board (renamed the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] in 1863) ...." PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE

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