Clark said - "This man is vigorously lowering the drill on to a piece of metal. The press is used for boring holes, usually, so that the piece of metal may be attached to another surface."

An etching is an erosion process. Parts of the copper not covered by a stop solution are eaten away by acid. In a carborgraph etching a levegator is used to rough up the copper plate. Parts of the plate are covered with a stop solution. The parts not covered by the stop solution will be eatten away by acid. Carborgraphs have a course, pitted, ragged appearance.

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Clark had a profound interest in heritage. His son Claude Lockhart would one day pursue the same interest at a very early age.

During the labor movement. The working class were organizing unions to protect their jobs and improve their working conditions. Claude Clark was appart of the working class therefore any possitive advances in this group would be benificial to him. He made many art works depicting farm workers and skill trades. His prints, drawings and paintings reflect the struggle and times. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE


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