THE CLAUDE CLARK ART CENTER --- Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artists. The father's work consist of paintings and the son is a sculptor. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience.THE CLAUDE CLARK ART GALLERY CENTER --- Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artists. The father's work consist of paintings and the son is a sculptor. Both artists are printmakers and graphic artists. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience.
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There are several products resulting from this project. First there is a logo design which can be displayed as a trademark on signs at the store, advertisement, business cards, stationery, envelopes, labels, boxes, packages, web pages, CD E-books, CD jackets and covers, and E-mail. Norma J's logo can be seen at the top of this page.

The paper-designed items can be considered as a project by itself. First you have business cards. Then you have labels used on bottles and package designs for boxes used to put the bottles in. Last there are letterheads for stationery and envelopes.


Here are a few things you should be looking for as you explore this CD's content:

    1. Skin Care Produces with printable catalogue and Goup Mailing List
      • Product is designed so that client can do business or check content and prices without going on line.
    2. African Art in Diaspora - From a cultural point of view (portriat of an art family).
      • Originals, prints, and poster reproductions of their work
      • Books, catalogues, websites and CD's about artists work
      • Fans sign-in Mailing list
    3. Global Business Directory
      • List of business where you travel, local, national and over seas
      • Hotels, restraunts, hair dressers, night clubs, music, recreation etc.
      • Maps and contact information on CD and/or on line.
    4. List of Business Projects
      • Description on how these various projects work.


The logo for this business is the picture of a lady, inside of a triangle, seen at the top of the page. Norma's logo identifies her business. It will appear on her cyber space web sites, storefront, letterhead and products she sells.

THE CLAUDE CLARK ART CENTER --- Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artists. The father's work consist of paintings and the son is a sculptor. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience.

<p align="center"><a href=""><img src="" width="349" height="62" border="0" alt="THE CLAUDE CLARK ART CENTER --- Claude Clark and Claude Lockhart Clark are father and son African American artists. The father's work consist of paintings and the son is a sculptor. Their artwork is about the common man and African exsperience."></a></p>

Using banners is a good way to advertise your business. Banners have codes. One copies the code and places the code in their web site or gateway.


If you are a recording artist or a producer, we can clean the tapes for you, make digital transfers, press the CD's, and print covers and jackets for you, leaving you free to do other more important things.


Norma J's Music Man has been the gut and soul of "Norma J's Heart Beat". It has been said that African people don't go 'no where' without their music. This couldn't be truer than when we first launched our web sites Norma J Bodycare and African Metropolis in 1997. We have always had music for our visitors to listen to.

There are three different types of "Music Man". You will find them located in the brown menu, at he bottom of your screen. There is the plain Music Man that will play on any software and two major radio-players that have their own file systems. There are many other radio-players, but Real Radio and Microsoft WAV are the two largest companies. Our business is to put you in the right grove and keep you there until eternity.

We have dance and music videos.

If you wish to listen to some righteous vibes this is how the deal works. The first Music Man has no letters on his jacket. He is long playing similar to a CD recording. Just click him on and let him 'do his thang'. The first Music Man will play on any software and doesn't require any downloads or extra attention.

The second music man has two "R"s' on his jacket. This music man plays on Real Radio. We have a lot of singles connected with this player. We can also connect you with free long streams and free long playing music, but you will have to go on line for that. The radio broadcasts are free and some are live.

The third and last music man plays on "Microsoft WAV Radio". We can connect you with free live radio broadcast on this player.


Business cards, stationary and envelope design is a single project in itself. Stationary may consist of invitations, letters, announcements and or flyers. Business cards may consist of more than one design for the same business or a single design that gives a stamp or way to identify your operation.


We have an electronic version of a business directory included on this disk. We are looking forward to publishing it in paper later.


Bottle design, labels and package design are considered to be a project. Part of this work we do our selves. The printing of packages and boxes is sent out.

We can design and print color, or black and white labels in our laboratories at Visual Arts Illustrated Publishing and Design Lab .


Lettering, photography, drawing and the use of color are the basic tools used in graphic design work that we do. Much of that type of work is done using computers, Computer software and computer peripheral devices.


This media includes motion pictures and still photography. At Visual Arts Illustrated we do both. We develop film, print analogous photographs and bring forth color that has been hidden from you for years. Some projects require packing supplies in a truck and setting up camera work on site. In other cases the work can be taken to our studio. We use digital and analogous camera tools to record still images for paper and cyber publishing. This subject is covered in more detail at the following web link: Visual Arts Illustrated Publishing and Design Lab..


We can digitize all your museum slides, balance the color and burn them to CDs.


Our company can digitize your audio collection of recordings and lectures. We can convert LPs, cassette tapes, reel to reel tapes and 78 recordings to digital sound.

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There are many different kinds of hardware and software in use to design and publish a web site. We can explore the many possibilities by clicking on the following link:Visual Arts Illustrated Publishing and Design Lab..


The shopping cart, used for this web site, was created by PDG, an E-commerce software company located in Decatur Georgia. We integrated the shopping cart design with the web site design. Additional information may be found at:Visual Arts Illustrated Publishing and Design. Lab.


We write, edit, publish and burn multiple copies of our CD E-books. We design and press CD labels. This work is performed at: Visual Arts Illustrated Publishing and Design. Lab.


We can design and print images used for CD cover, jacket, case. Hopeful we can print your booklet one-day soon.


We are currently working on our first publication. We will keep you posted on that development. Fill free to give us a call.


Much of our multimedia work begins with the CD. This compact disk is packed with information. We will try to make sure the information stimulates you through a variety of data and a variety of media. Each CD will have a company's picture on its back, along with business logo and signature.

For musicians we can record and burn music CDs for use in CD players. If your music is on tape cassette we can convert it to digital sound and clean the static.

We hope to produce videos shortly. Feel free to give us call (1-510-435-2628). As to speak to Claude Clark.


This disk has a database. You will find a simple database in the art section of this CD. We can design relational databases for businesses as well.

African Metropolis Gateway since 1997  World Metropolis Network Since 2003  African Woodcarving Dot Com Network Since 2003  Earth Metropolis Gateway Since 2001

The strategy that we use in designing gateways and networks is to make sure that what goes around comes around. All our clients' web sites are tied to the same network; therefore we make sure that all of our clients are linked to each other therefor giving each client a chance to be viewed by our visiting public.

In one of our gateways we have our own dictionary which we write ourselves. We supply the definition to certain terms and then link you to other sources for further research. We can add definitions to terms that are peculiar to your particular organization or business discipline.

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Yahoo provides the mailing service for free. We have intergrated their software into our web site our clients web sites. Add your name to our mailing list and you will receive notices of our art shows and book publications.

Prospects and Clients voluntarily sign in on your mailing service. This let's the owner of the business know that these people wish to receive mail about her products. You can mail everyone all at once, or mail people individually. For the user this is one way to keep connected with the products and services you value most.





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