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Njeri Komo

Sara Wambui


Four years ago, Njeri Komo retured to Kenya, her place of birth, for a visit and business. Sadly on every corner in Nairobi, she observed children ages two to eight-years-old, wandering aimlessly around the city. The older children had dirty, plastic bobbles in their mouths. She later discovered that they were using way to dull their hunger pangs. This frightened Njeri terribly. Prior to this visit, she had planned and developed a health and wellness model for a center in Kenya. But, after observing the children's disturbing behavior, she discussed the matter with her older sister Sarah Wambui, and both agreed to devise a plan to break this cycle and change the children's circumstances. Njeri thought it fit to combine a children's hunger project with the health and wellness model she had previously designed. Thus, the project was named "Harambee Children's Project". PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MOVE FORWARD TO A PREVIOUS PAGE

NJERI KOMO (Co-founder and President)

Njeri Munano Komo is Sarah's younger sister. She followed the footsteps of her elder sister and mother and studied nutrition and public health in the United States of America. She worked as a health provider in health institutions on the east coast and the west coast of the United States. She occassionally does health presentations when she travels to her native country of Kenya. She currently operates an apparel and gift shop in California. In the past, she volunteered as a church health and temperance leader. Her duty was to coordinate and plan health education events, invite guest speakers, organize street health fairs and conduct health seminars for the church. Njeri recalls her father's love of health and healing, and she is concerned by the general well being of children and adults when it comes to their health and lifestyle. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE PRESS THIS BUTTON TO MOVE FORWARD TO A PREVIOUS PAGE

SARAH WAMBUI (Co-founder and Site Manager)

Sarah is a native of the Republic of Kenya. She was trained as a domestic science teacher and taught in several intermediate schools around Kenya. Eventually, she joined the airline industry and worked as a ground supervisor. After her retirement, she started her own business in the clothing industry. She is concerned with the conditions of orphans and children in general, who are less fortunate and she desires to make a change or impact on those children who, by life's misfortune, have no hope. Harambee Children's Hunger and Health Ministry will be the tool used to reach them and address their needs.

"Our children are the seeds of today and fruit for tomorrow."

Administrative Contact Information:
Njeri M. Komo
President, Co-founder, USA Facilitator/Designer
372 Florin Road, Suite 285
Sacramento, CA 95831 U.S.A.
Telephone: 916-427-6289
    Site Contact Information:
Sarah Wambui Munano
Co-founder, On-Site Manager Coordinator (Kenya)
P.O. Box 73675
Nairobi, Kenya
East Africa
Telephone: 011-254-20-780-216











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