Rev. Daima M. Clark

She is the wife of late artist Claude Clark (printmaker and easel painter). Rev. Daima is a scholar in African philosophy and African religious principles. In 1939 she graduated from the University Of California Berkeley, with a bachelor degree in philosophy and minor in public speaking. At Howard University Rev. Daima studied under Alain Locke and Howard Thurman. She received her master's degree in philosophy in 1941. For one year between 1943 to 1944 Rev. Clark studied art philosophy and esthetics at the Barns Foundation. In 1967 she received two additional Masters degrees in theology and religious education from Pacific School of Religion. 1974 she was ordained by the Alamo Black Clergy.

Reverend Daima M. Clark founded the Association of Africans and African-Americans in March 1978. Meetings were held at the Claude Clark residence in Oakland California. In 1987 she resigned as Chief Elder and turned the organization over to a newly elected president, Jeff Fletcher. The organization was kept alive and functionig over the years by self appointed Deputy President Karen C. Aboiralor and her treasure secretary Chief Elder Queen Thurston and the late Chief Elder Pattsy Wilkens.

Association of Africans and African-Americans are presently involved in and AIDS information drive and annual scholarship fund for graduating high school students going to University or College. For more information call: President Aduni Luckett at 1-510-235-1455. If you wish to send donations there are two projects at present African HIV/AIDS and Annual Scholarships for College Students. All contributions are tax deductible. Be sure to ask about the HIV/AIDS videotape featuring the Dr. Graves lecture.

Rev. Daima spent time, learning to use a computer, writing a book and developing a business. Sister Clark was able to take care of her ailing husband's medical expenses until the day he died April 1st, 2001.

In 2001 Reverend Clark founded The Claude Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund. The first awards were given to three contestants in May of 2002.

The first year, three students $3,000.00 each. The same number of students received the same amount the following year. In 2004 four students received $3,000.00 scholarships. If you wish to contribute to this fund send checks to made out to Claude Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund. Then Mail to Claude Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 8172, Oakland, CA 94662. For information call Claude Lockhart Clark (President) at 1-510 435-2628 or Founder Rev. Daima Clark 1-510-893-2747.











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