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by Claude Lockhart Clark © beginning Fall of 2006 -

INSIGHT - Wisdom is the middle path; it severs as our bridge between ignorance and knowledge.

NEAR SIGHTED - Wisdom carries both a virtue and a sin. The virtue is that the wise help humanity solve problems. The sin is they think most people are stupid.

NEGLECT - Life without a foundation leads to a path of uncertainties.

VISION - Enlightenment is a form of insight and both are guided by ones destiny.

COURAGE - Life is full of hurtles with obstacles and uncertainties. One should seek life's hurtles as challenges to be conquered rather than envision them as psychological barriers.

DISCIPLINE - Focus, practice, persistence and perseverance breeds success.

LEARNING - Knowledge has potential.

LEISURE - Retreat Solitude is a relaxed and clear state of mind, which enables one to do refective creative thinking and planning.

FATE - Destiny is a path of choices and opportunities. Our life circumstances are determined by how we use them.

INTEGRITY - Trouth and honesty never have to remember what they said.

POTENTIAL - Inherent Capability requires storaging and gathering together refective resources with the capacity to engage these resources in a continuous plan of action.

EMPOWERMENT - Donít accept gifts, which entail prolonged obligations. Either do without, or develop an alternative.

REFECTIVE - Brain food is a necessary process for keeping our mental faculties alive and replenished with intellectual sustenance.

INTROSPECT - Reflexive thinking is ones ability to turn in on one's self and receive information from ones presence and or previous lives.

RECIPROCITY - Equalization is a form of mutual or cooperative exchange of ideas, materials and or services for the purpose of creating balance and harmony among individuals involved.**

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