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 COIN CONSPERACY - How Africa Was Underdeveloped Economically by Claude Lockhart Clark @CLAUDECLARK.COM

Claude Lockhart Clark

CLAUDE LOCKHART CLARK - I would like to welcome you to our Website PRA-CD (which stands for "Web Site Personal Reference Assistant Compact Disk"). I appreciate your interest in our artwork. My father was a painter and print maker and I am a sculptor.

My father grew up in Philadelphia and I was born there. In 1955 we moved to California. Our art orientations were established before moving to California. My father was an East Coast artist and my work was influenced by an art movement my father started at Talladega College, Talladega Alabama. We lived there for seven years.

We have linked pages from other web sites with coverage of our work to claudeclark.com. You will find most of these links on the following three pages "Site Map", "Clark Information Center" and "Clark Link Page". They account for about one third of the web pages in this web site. It is important that you read what others have to say about our work.

When you have finished reading this page you may want to go to our Web Site Map by clicking on the green text link or click the menu button on your left titled "Site Map".

Products you wish to buy can be viewed from this site, but when you make a purchase it will be made from a secure website that looks much like one. The address of the secure site is claudeclarkenterprise.com. We will try to make the transition as smooth as possible so that you will hardly know that you have left this web site. We are responsible for activities at both web sites. I am webmaster and project director at both web sites. If you should have any trouble phone numers and e-Mail are readely available.

Limited edition and original works are framed and ready to hang. With each purchase of $100.00 or more we send a Personal Referance Assistant CD at no extra cost to you. CD is designed to help with additional information about the artists and their work. We ship anywhere in the world for FREE.

There are tour guides from SitePal available to guide you though the works of art, so that you will fill at home with the art.