This is a Sample of What Your Free Webpage Looks Like up Close

This program is divided into three parts: Performing web site constuction for you as a client, teaching you website construction as a representive and teaching you consultant work as a representative.

First we build web sites for clients and share a few Cognigen products and services which client's need for administering their web sites in cyber space.

Second we teach people with home businesses to build and service web sites; plus teach them how to use and share Cognigen services and products with their clients.

Third we show people with home businesses how to act as consultants, putting together Cognigen certified contractors to service and build large and small telecommunication projects for clients. In the paragraphs below we will walk you through each one of the three processes. First lets introduce you to Cognigen's free web site and free membership.

Every affiliate and every agent receives a free web site and free membership into the Cognigen program. Your personalized web site is a generic web site. It has very little character of its own. You must therefore do everything you possibly can to make your generic web site unique yet in keeping with Cognigen Company standards. Your client needs to feel confident that any needs or concerns they may have concerning their product and services should be addressed to you. This is what the company web site looks like with no agent or affiliate present. This next example has a very weak identy. In the last example there is no question that there is a very strong identification with some other company. The web addresses on all three web pages are short. You shouldn't have any problems finding a place for an address like this one on your business card ("ld.net/?earthmetrop.").

The picture above shows a man making a purchase and a woman receiving a percentage portion of that purchase. This is basically how network programs operate. The person sharing and introducing products and services of the program are compensated for their success and efforts. Instead of a sales person being paid a commission and salary to sale your product, it is cheaper to have it shared by a consumer working a business from their home. The manufacturer doesn't have to pay retail overhead and advertising cost, because the business consumer covers that cost. This process is referred to as consumer marketing, consumers in business for themselves and consumers marketing products to other consumers. We do it all the time, but we are not conscious of how we influence decisions people make every day. Some of those individuals are complete strangers to use.

Suppose you are at the supermarket and engage a complete strange in a good conversation about the Super Bowl. During the course of conversation, the stranger notices several items in your shopping cart and begins asking questions. After sharing information with the stranger, the stranger loads those same items from the shelf to their cart and proceeds to the check out. Don't you think you should be compensated for you efforts? I do.

Lets suppose the items the stranger put in their cart are used for baking a cake, but the buyer has never baked a cake. You then take them to a free recipe section in the store and show them where the cake recipes are. Then you give the stranger your name and phone number at work, just in case they run into trouble making a cake. This person has great success with the recipe then tells their friends and basically shares with them the same proccess you shared. If you got compensated for this consumer group effort it would be known as consumer multi-level marketing. Now lets have the consumers sale something rather than share. After baking the cake they sale the cakes and keep the profits. Now they each have another sources of income. When we put the two earning power resources to gether we have multi-streem income. The agents we trained to share the cake products and recipes provide us with residual income, or back-end cash flow. This is income that comes every 30 to 90 days. Residual income is the kind of income that you wouldn't be able to stop it from coming if you wanted to. When you sale the cake you get your money up front, but you have no time to rest, because in order make "cash up front", you have to sell something every day. Lets suppose the store goes out of business and the products and recipes are no longer available. Someone is in trouble. What do you do next? The recipes and materials that were used for baking a cake all were appart of the store that closed.

Now suppose the recipes for baking a cake do not come from the store but come from a separate source and that the recipes allows you to buy cake making materials from any place you want. This is how African Metropolis Home Business Opportunity works: We offer you a memberships in two different telecommunications programs at once. Cognigen and SFI are the 2 multi-level companies that supply you with telecommunication products and services. At African Metropolis we provide you with a single set of recipes for web site construction and consultant work that will work in both companies. It does not matter which company you decide to use, however we strongly suggest that you sign for both. Yes both companies have free memberships and free web sites. If one multi-level network fails, simply role your clients to the existing company. "What do I do about my down line representatives that were in that other program?" Nothing. You took care of that when you had them sign up in both programs and trained them. "But they will need my help in getting organized again"; not if you trained them properly. They will be doing the same thing that you are doing. Trust me your down lines aren't stupid.

Note: I can be contacted directly when I am on line at Multi-Media Education. When you come to Multi-Media Education look for the green light next to "Lockhart". That is my sceen name. If the light (in the shape of a flower) is green instead of red that means that I am on line. "Page Me" and I will meet me down at the "Chat" room next to "Welcome" tab. You will find the tabs at the top of the gray folder. "Welcome" is on the left and is white and purple. The tabs to the right are faded gray.


You will need a computer with access to the Internet. The computer should have monitor, for viewing information and keyboard and mouse (not shown here) for "input information" into your computer. A serial modem cable and phone line will connect you to the outside world for computer telephone and faxing, but you will need to contact an Internet service provider to gain access to E-Mail and the World Wide Web. We have several companies on our front page. You may want to try one of them. The rates are very reasonable.

If you plan to build web sites then you would need to check with your sponsor for other materials and guidence. If you sign in here that sponsor will be me, Claude Lockhart Clark. Keep in mind that computer training skills and web site construction training has nothing to do with Cognigen. Cognigen does not offer these programs. These services are provided by African Metropolis, Earth Metropolis Institute and World Metropolis Network. Organizations and individuals that signed in and received their training here will be happy to help you.

Note: I can be contacted directly when I am on line at Multi-Media Education. When you come to Multi-Media Education look for the green light next to "Lockhart". That is my sceen name. If the light (in the shape of a flower) is green instead of red that means that I am on line. "Page Me" and I will meet me down at the "Chat" room next to "Welcome" tab. You will find the tabs at the top of the gray folder. "Welcome" is on the left and is white and purple. The tabs to the right are faded gray.

E-Mailing is one of the most important opperations on the internet.


clark.jpg (19750 bytes)

Hello, My name is Claude Lockhart Clark. I am second generation artist and school teacher. I began teaching myself African ceramic sculpture at age 14 and was advanced in the craft by the time I was 15. In 1973 I began doing traditional African woodcarving on my own and by 1976 I had mastered the skills of carving stools and several other items. I am the Clark's and Lockhart family's chief chronologist; keeping mental and paper records up to 8 generations on both sides of the family. That is probably why I bear both names. A short biography of my work can be found in a book titled "Honoring The Ancestors: The Woodcarvings of Claude Lockhart Clark", written by June Anderson and published by California Academy of Sciences (copyright 1997), in San Francisco, California.

My first contact with personal computers was about 1979 or 1980 at California College of Arts, in Oakland California. Along one of the walls were numerous Apple 2 computers. I thought they were small keyboard terminals attached to a main frame, hidden in an office building across town somewhere. There was this hippie youngster, about the size of a squirrel, sitting cross-legged on a long table 3 yards in front of me. The hippie crowd that showed up to hear him speak consisted of Europeans and a few Asians. They were packed in like sardines and were as intense about the subject as the speaker was. I was the only African in the room. The young man spent what seemed to me over an hour talking about an intrinsic red and blue line on one of the Apple's monitors. No offence, but when I thought I had heard enough I quietly leaned against the door behind me and made my exit. I began seeing pictures in magazines years later that reminded of the squirrel I had seen that day. I eventually relized that I had been faced to face with one of Apple's co-founders Steve Jobs.

I wouldn't see my next personal computer until about 1988. I was taking lessons from an electrical engineer, Michael Collins, for about a year writing programs for Database 2, on a 286 Wang computer. In August of 1991 I bought my first personal computer, a 386 Wiz, produced by an African American businessman named Rod Thomas. It came with all of the peripheral hardware that he had recommended for business. The computer came loaded with MS-DOS/DOCTOR DOS business applications and Thomas later added Windows 3.1 the fall of that same year. He told me that he thought it would be the wave of the future and that our clients would be using an advance version of that same operating system to surf the internet and visit vertual reality shopping malls to purchase our products with credit cards over the internet. He recommended my first graphics software. For its time the Wiz would be considered near the high end of professional business machines and I have been able to maintain that standard of excellence ever since. Rod Thomas went out of business two years later.

My success in my next venture would be a very sad one. I joined about seven network marketing programs over a 20 year period and never earned a dime. I estimated I probably spent over ten thousand dollars in losses. The first program I joined was a travel program titled "SunSets". And by the time it was finished with me; that is exactly what that program did. The SUN SET! My last failer was also travel "World Class Network. Why don't you JUST QUIT? I guess I wasn't smart enough. That is why it is important to have some success stories, so that you don't give up on things you find hard to achive.

African Metropolis, our first web site, has been on line since November of 1997. It has served as an information Gateway web site for Africa and African Diaspora. Earth Metropolis serves as our Gateway to points of interest on the internet. We have the tools, services and experience by which to promote an entire business network. One of the services we provide is expose our down-line to the internet public. When you sign up in one of our programs you also become a member of our World Metropolis Network and its services. That's two strikes in one.

Note: I can be contacted directly when I am on line at Multi-Media Education. When you come to Multi-Media Education look for the green light next to "Lockhart". That is my sceen name. If the light (in the shape of a flower) is green instead of red that means that I am on line. "Page Me" and I will meet me down at the "Chat" room next to "Welcome" tab. You will find the tabs at the top of the gray folder. "Welcome" is on the left and is white and purple. The tabs to the right are faded gray.

I Will Take Lessons
Teach Myself Website Construction
I Will Let You Do It
We will introduce you to the business a step at a time, so that you won't be confused.

Be sure to design a business card with the following information: a simple title that provides a clue to your business, a short description, your name, telephone number, web sit address and E-mail mailing address. Keep it simple. Your business cards along with your free web site will aid in getting clients.

Be sure to keep all user codes, passwords, and affiliate down-line information in a safe place. If it is on the computer, then make sure it is copied or backed up.

Be sure to keep

To Be Continued:____________Soon.



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