CLAUDE CLARK - Was an educator printmaker and easel painter. He recorded the African Experience and mastered the use of color. Clark's work can be found at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., de Young Museum in San Francisco, plus numerous other major art museums and collections throughout the country.. This family website was dedicated in his memory. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE

CLAUDE LOCKHART CLARK - is administrative master of this project which inclues a Resource Assistant Compact Disk. He is a master woodcarver, graphic artists, photographer and writer. A written biography of his accomplishments in wood, family ethics and chronology can be found in "HONORING THE ANCESTORS", the Woodcarvings of Claude Lockhart Clark, by June Anderson (currently available in most major bookstores). Works by the artist can be seen in the Clark family database on this disk. Clark lives in California. If you wish to have a current copy of this artist resume then "click here". Add your name to our mailing list and you will receive notices of our art shows and book publications.

MARIAMA HADIAH - is the general manager at She came to work for us during the fall of 2005, after having served two years as a stock brocker's assistant on the New York Stock Exchange. She is our first employee. Mariama hires and trains most of the people that work here. Click here button to make her talk to you.

JONATHAN EUBANKS - is a fine arts photographer in analogous media. He specializes in black and white still documentaries. In this edition we have chosen to focus on his little known work in color photography. Eubanks photographed the sculptures of Claude Lockhart Clark. This work can be viewed in the Clark Family Database.

DAVID SALGADO - is a Master Printer and founder of Trillium Graphics. This company has been serving fine artists and the public since 1979. Joining the postwar hand printing revival, they did their first edition of prints by hand from stone. The lithograph and giclee reproductions by the Grandmaster, David Salgado is what has been featured here.

TRILLIUM DIGITAL ARCHIVING - From any size original Trillium can create a 23 x 40" digital image with no film grain. Their camera offers a high quality digital solution for shooting flat or 3D artwork, creating files of any size for digital output for print or web.

SUZY'S JAVASCRIPT PHOTO ALBUM - Susan and her husband Dylan developed the database format we use. They are computer programmers, specializing in JavaScript applications for the Internet. Susan and Dylan produced the JavaScript Photo e-Book Database application that we use on this CD and our websites.They can be reached at

GOLDEN GATE EDITION - was a serigraph company. Golden Gate Editions began as an inspiration to a group of printmakers in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997. Fueled with the confidence of a lifetime of cumulative experience, Tetsumi Minoh, Tony Oliveros, Christy Medellin and Stacy Carter joined forces with Lori Dodge to create their own Serigraph Atelier that would emphasize hand painted seperations. The elder Claude Clark serigraphs were produced by this company. They went out of business about 2003.

GOLDEN GATE LITHO - "The machine is only as good as the person that runs it". This company was founded in 1937. The present owners have owned it for over 27 years. We did 4 color separations with this company. They printed all of the poster prints of Claude Clark the father. The first prints were done in 1972.


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